10 days in Belgium

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A 10 day tour of Belgium.  Belgium has it's border to France, Holland and Germany which makes it an interesting mix for many people. Starting in Bruges, we went to Oostende, Oostkamp, ​​Knogge, Antwerp and Brussels. 

On Christmas night we started from Stuttgart. About 8 hours later, we arrived in Bruges. I really wanted to Bruges since I watched the movie, so we arrived in the dead of winter there. Bruges is in my opinion the most beautiful city of Belgium, with its famous cathedral at the market and its standing on the edge mills, Bruges exudes a special charm. 

Narrow alleys, cobblestone streets and several small streams that are run by the city are not uncommon. In the morning at eight o'clock already blossoms the town, and at the market place, the first market stalls are already set up and ready to act. 

The only problem was really only that it was freezing cold.

The next day we drove to Oostkamp and Oostende, yes just once to see what it is to so there. It is not much, but these small towns are not overrun by tourists. There are simple fishing villages and towns, who live mainly from fishing. We have looked at the huge beaches on the Baltic Sea, and made smaller city tours.

In Knogge we then tried the land supply, Mule e'Fritte (now do not know whether one also writes). These are shells in different versions, whether in a tomato sauce or cream Freche, french fries as a side dish. Very tasty, but also not too cheap. I've heard that the fries come from Belgium, and there should be the taste already there sometimes.

The diamond city of Antwerp was then already more of a tourist destination. Nevertheless, the promenade on the Ferris wheel was pretty cool, 

and the many churches and cathedrals in the city should not miss it.

For a 10 day tour or a short break it is worth to definitely go to Belgium. Seen a lot, a lot, we go. 

We went to Brussels, where we also celebrated Sylvester and slid into the new year. The next day we took a look at the many gardens at the outskirts, were at the Atomium and of course the Manneken Pis, the Brussels is also very well known. Several waffles and eternally many kilometers later we were on our way home.




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